LypoSpheric Vitamin C


What is LypoSpheric™ Vitamin C?...
Why it is light years ahead of traditional Vitamin C supplements?

LypoSpheric Vitamin C™ has been called "Vitamin C on steroids!" This is because it utilizes state-of-the-art Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET). LET allows the nano-scopic spheres of LypoSpheric™ Vitamin C to...

        • quickly navigate through the digestive system
        • eliminate need for digestive activity prior to assimilation
        • rapidly absorb in the small intestine move intact, directly to the cells that need it.
        • release the powerful, non-degraded Vitamin C for use throughout the body
          as the liposomal material is assimilated by the phospholipid-craving cells that are under attack.
        • provide maximum assimilation and bio-availability because there are...

NO binders
NO fillers
NO gelatins
NO capsule materials
NO dyes
NO sweeteners
NO flavorings common with
and capsule supplements.

The Vitamin C and the encapsulating phopholipids are nothing but pure, health- promoting, 100% nutrition. In addition, "essential phospholipid" liposomes protect the Vitamin C from several factors that can degrade and even render Vitamin C ineffective.

Factors that can reduce or destroy the power
of Vitamin C tablets before your body can ever use it..

Starting at the manufacturing stage, several additives and processes can limit the digestibility and bio-availability of Vitamin C. Often the product is buffered (to make it easier on the stomach), has binders and fillers added so it will stay together, and often times is “cooked” or “esterified” to extend shelf life.

While in the bottle, free-radicals in the air can oxidize your Vitamin C. The longer it sits, the more oxidized it becomes.

Then, the enzymes in your saliva, the digestive juices in your stomach, the bile salts in your intestines, and even the organisms in your G.I. tract can further degrade the Vitamin C before it ever gets absorbed in the small intestine.

Plus, if you take more than 2 to 3 grams of traditional Vitamin C, the ascorbic acid in the intestines can cause gastric distress -- gas, cramps, and diarrhea. Often Vitamin C will be eliminated via your very loose stool.

“Smart” Lyposomal Nano-Spheres™ avoid the degradation and discomfort associated with traditional forms of Vitamin C.

Lypo-Spheric Vitamin CHow "Smart" Lyposomal Nano-Spheres™ deliver more bio-available Vitamin C into your system...

First, each uni-dose of LypoSpheric™ Vitamin C is individually sealed in its own packet — protected from the elements that could degrade the supplement before you use it.

Secondly, the sub-microscopic liposomes surrounding the Vitamin C are virtually impervious to degrading substances in your digestive system.

Thirdly, these “Smart” Lyposomal Nano-Spheres™ protect your lower G.I. Tract - hence, no gastric upset, no diarrheal flushing effect.

Lastly, the liposomes quickly journey to the bloodstream and, circulated throughout the body and "grabbed" by the damaged cells that need the phophatidylcholine and the Vitamin C.

We believe that humans used to manufacture all the Vitamin C they needed. The fact is, we all have the necessary gene to produce a substance called L-gulonolactone oxidase (GLO). GLO is the only missing component in the human liver required to make Vitamin C. Unfortunately, almost all of us have a defect in that gene that prevents the production of GLO and therefore prevents the synthesis of Vitamin C.

“Smart” Lyposomal Nano-Spheres™ deliver the undegraded Vitamin C you need, in a form that is quickly distributed and easily assimilated by the cells in your body that need it most!

How to use and benefit from LypoSpheric™ Vitamin C.

To provide maximum Vitamin C benefit to your health, simply S-Q-U-E-E-Z-E the contents of one foil packet into your favorite juice or other cool beverage. The gelatin-like liposomes disperse with a stir and add little or no taste to your drink. It’s easy to swallow and soon millions of “Smart” Lyposomal Nano-Spheres™ loaded with liquid Vitamin C race to your liver. Once there, the “essential” phospholipids made with phosphatidylcholine and the Vitamin C will be unleashed to perform their powerful health-promoting, age-reversing work!*

Each 0.2 oz. foil pack of LypoSpheric™ Vitamin C contains 1,000 mg of Vitamin C and 3,000 mg of “essential” phospholipids. It’s the most bio-available, anti-aging, health-promoting, easy-to-swallow Vitamin C on the planet!*

The new Lypo-Spherics are the most exciting products we have ever seen. In the ten years has been helping people with alternative products nothing has produced so many calls from users telling of their results. At last! You can now get the results from Vtiamin C you read about.

And we haven't started to talk about the new Lypo-Spheric A.G.E. Blocker B Complex and Lypo-Spheric Gutatheione. Lypo-Spherics are the future of alternative health.

This lab is committed to studying, developing and producing products which utilize proven, breakthrough technologies that will help people feel and look years younger, improve health, energy and vitality, and actually turn back the aging clock.  

In addition to Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C,
Lypo-Spheric A.G.E. Blocker B Complex and Lypo-Spheric Gutatheione there are plans to release over 10 other breakthrough products in the near future.

An exciting new Lypo-Spheric product will be released soon. Check Back!

LypoSpheric™ Vitamin C

As a dietary supplement take one to two packets a day.

30 Packets
  • Essential Phospholipids 3,000mg -
  • Vitamin C 1,000mg
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LypoSpheric™ A.G.E. Blocker B Complex

As a dietary supplement take one packet a day.

30 Packets
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Lypo-Spheric™ Glutathione
the easiest, surest way to boost GSH levels.

As a dietary supplement take one packet a day.

30 Packets
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